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A New Pet Will Never Replace One That’s Gone

Many people do not want to get a new pet because they feel as though they would be replacing the one that died. While it may seem that way, it’s not what you are doing. Anyone with a pet understands getting a new dog after one dies doesn’t mean you do not care about the deceased, it simply means you have room for a new pet in your life.

How to Step Into a Life with a New Pet

It’s not easy to make the decision to get another pet after one dies. Jumping into it will not make it any better. Many people end up feeling worse after getting another pet, while other people feel much better. This is why you should tread lightly with this situation.

It’s best to take your time with the decision of getting a new pet. This means researching the type of pet you would like to get, and spending time with the pet, if possible. If you’re not able to spend time with the exact pet you are thinking of getting, you can always spend time with others at an animal shelter, humane society, or pet store. Volunteering is a great way to put yourself around animals you love, and start to feel better about taking care of other pets.

If possible, see if you are able to bring a favorite animal home. You can simply foster the pet at first. This way you can see how you feel about having another animal in your home. You may be completely fine with it, or it might break your heart too much. The good news is you would be able to test the waters before jumping into a commitment of owning a pet.

Dealing with the Emotions

As you open yourself up to a new pet, you may struggle with some intense emotions. You may find yourself thinking about how this animal is nothing like the one you had before. You may grow angry, sad, and regretful.

Give yourself time. You’re right. This pet is nothing like the one you’ve lost. That’s okay, though. With time, you will begin to love this pet as much as you loved the one that has died – just in a different way.

It may help to bring up your other pet to your new one at times. As you’re conversing with him or her, show a picture of your beloved pet who has died and talk about the times shared. You can include your new pet in the conversation by pointing out that you may be able to do that with him or her too.

The point is you don’t have to forget about your deceased pet. You can simply bring in a new pet to add to your life because you have the time to give him or her deserved attention.

pet loss

Why Action Is Best When It’s the Last Thing You Want to Do for Pain

When you lose your beloved pet, the last thing you want to do is act on it. Your mind and body feel the hit, and it naturally wants to run and hide from it. Facing it and acting on it is probably the last thing you want to do. The problem is that acting on it is the BEST thing you can do for your pain.

When you allow your pain to overtake you, it will continue to hurt you. It’s as if someone is hitting you over and over again, and you’re just lying on the floor taking it. The only way to stop the bully is to stand up and say, “No, I’m fighting back.”

That’s what you need to do when you’re in pain – just not in the aggressive way.

The more you act on your pain, the better you will feel even though it’s the last thing you want to do. Sometimes, the most resistant thing you do is what you should do.

How to Act on Pet Loss Pain

When a loved one dies, people have a funeral. This isn’t just to honor the person who has died, but it’s also to help people grieve the loss of that person from their life. You can do the same for your beloved pet.

By purchasing a pet urn, you can have a nice memorial in your home to honor your pet and help you feel connected to him or her forever. As you are placing the ashes inside of the urn, you can be with loved ones. You can say something special about your beloved pet and place him or her in a final resting place.

You can do it alone as well. You can do it with just the two of you. Taking time to feel the presence of your beloved pet in a different way may help you move into this new stage of your relationship. Your pet may not be jumping around you, but he or she will always been in your heart and thoughts. This is what you will go to now with the help of your pet urn and memorial.

To get started on acting on your pet loss pain, purchase one of our pet urns. We have a large selection to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for you and your pet.


Best Friend Services Wants to Make the Grieving Process Easier

Your beloved pet has died. You know life will go on, but you’re really sad inside. You want to do something different for your pet. You want to make this moment special to honor the great pet your dog or cat was.

How Best Friend Services Helps

This is the reason we started Best Friend Services. We wanted to help people just like you create memorials that will last a lifetime.

Losing a pet is significant. A part of your life has ended. To be able to successfully move on from this moment, you need closure, and that closure comes from finding a final resting place for your pet.

With our pet urns, we believe we make the process of choosing a final resting place easier. With a wide selection of urns that are customizable, you will be able to make one for your pet that reflects your personal style.

That’s why we have so many different types of pet urns available. We knew when we were setting up our store that not everyone is going to want a wooden urn or a ceramic one. We knew people wanted more choices because the process of finding an urn is just as special. This way people can browse our selection and find one that will remind them of their beloved pet.

There’s another reason we decided to start this online store. We know people like to take their time. When they shop online, they can do that. They can take hours if they would like or just a couple of minutes. With an online store accessible any time, people can take their time and shop whenever they feel like doing it.

Opening Best Friend Services was the best thing we did because we help people in need. Losing a pet doesn’t happen too often, but it happens to millions of people. We are here to help all of them when they need it.

pet loss

Experts in Pet Loss

When you shop online, you may come across many sites selling pet urns. These sites often have one mission – make money off the loss of your pet. Most of them do not have the experience or empathy of losing a pet. They simply want your money. 

Best Friend Services – Our Mission

Our mission is different. We know what it’s like to experience pet loss. My wife and I have lost pets before, and when we did, we were devastated. We wanted to do anything possible to have our pets back in our life. 

This is what propelled us into looking for pet urns. We knew cremation was what we wanted to do, but we didn’t want to spread all of the ashes. We wanted to keep a part of our pets with us. 

As we searched for pet urns, we found that they were expensive! Unbelievably expensive! We couldn’t imagine them being so much money, so we started doing some research and found out why. Crematories and many sites only deal with drop shippers and other middlemen to acquire their urns. Since they have to pay those suppliers, they increase the price. Essentially, you end up paying for the handling and supplying of the urns to the seller. That doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?

After purchasing our pet urns, we knew we had to do something about the situation. That’s when we realized we could sell pet urns for much less, as long as we had a supply of them ourselves. So, that’s what we did. 

When you purchase pet urns from us, you receive the best price possible online for the quality we provide. Yes, that means you may find lower prices elsewhere, but in this industry, you get what you pay for. 

We know what you’re going through right now. We know you are devastated. We have been there. 

We are here to help you. This is why we have so many blog posts dedicated to helping you with your grief. Our mission isn’t only to make money – we want to help you through this painful time in your life. 

Please browse our selection of pet urns, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions. 

5 Pet Loss Books to Help You Grieve

You can recover from the loss of your pet. It will take time, but you will live a life with joy in it again. While you mourn, books can help you process your feelings. The following are five books that we believe are great for dealing with pet loss.

When Your Pet Dies

When Your Pet Dies

This book helps you understand the mourning process and why your feelings are so strong. It also provides ideas on how you can overcome the loss with memorials, funerals, and more. Get the help you need with this guide to mourning, remembering and healing.

Goodbye, Friend

goodbye friend

This book offers sound advice on how to deal with the death of your pet. It includes heartwarming stories and guidance as you navigate the grieving process. A section about how to help children can be great for those of you with little ones who are also mourning the loss a family pet.

Going Home – Finding Peace When Pets Die

Going Home

The author of this book uses his personal experience to help readers understand their feelings during the mourning period. It’s perfect for those who have lost any type of pet. He believes that honoring the lost pet is one of the best ways to move on from the death.

There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven

there are no sad dogs in heaven


This book is a bit different in that it provides comfort by explaining what your pet may be feeling right now. It answers questions like:

  • Is my pet happy?
  • Why did this have to happen?
  • Is it okay to get another pet?

The book uses stories about what others have gone through to help you know you’re not alone.

Furry Friends Forevermore: A Heavenly Reunion with Your PetFurry Friends Forevermore: A Heavenly Reunion with Your Pet

Do you believe in God and Heaven? If so, this is the perfect book for you. Learn what the scriptures say about death and life after it. It can be comforting to know you will be reunited with your pet someday.

How Reading Helps

Reading may be something that is hard to do after you’ve lost your pet. Your mind may be on other things at this point. Give it a try though with one or more of these books. Usually, if the topic is on something that you are experiencing you will have a much easier time focusing because you want some help during this time.

The bonus is that the words you read may just be what will help you get through this difficult time in your life.

For more help with the grieving process when your pet dies, please browse our blog. We have many posts that can help you during this time.


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