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Ottillie Paws Tribute

Introducing the Ottillie Tribute Series — a harmonious fusion of the legacy design with the added elegance of a wooden base. Designed for wholesale customers, each urn stands out with its customizable plate, offering a deeply personal touch.

Ottillie Paws Premier

Showcase distinction with the Ottillie Premier Series — a curated collection of pet urns featuring laser engraving, designed for wholesale customers prioritizing sophistication and personalization.

Ottillie Paws Elite

Elevate your offerings with the Ottillie Paws Elite Series — a range of customizable pet urns, tailored for wholesale customers seeking a blend of elegance and personal touch.

Ottillie Paws Legacy

Discover the Ottillie Paws Legacy Series — a collection of beautifully designed pet urns. With an array of colors, paw motifs, and materials, each urn serves as a heartfelt tribute to beloved pets.