Ottillie Paws Series Pet Urn

Take your beloved pet home in one of these wonderfully designed solid brass Paw Print Series urns with hand-carved paw prints. These urns are true works-of-art as they are hand forged and carved by old-world artisans from India. Each vase comes with a threaded screw-on top for easy and safe installation of your pet’s ashes. This solid brass metal vase style is available in a Small, Medium, Large and X-Large size for pets up to 170lbs.

Brass with Horizontal Ebony Paws, Brass with Horizontal Pewter Paws, Brass with Vertical Black Paws, Brass with Vertical Pewter Paws, Cloud White with Vertical Brass Paws, Cloud White with Vertical Pewter Paws, Ebony with Horizontal Brass Paws, Ebony with Horizontal Pewter Paws, Ebony with Vertical Brass Paws, Ebony with Vertical Pewter Paws, Marine Green, Pewter with Horizontal Brass Paws, Pewter with Vertical Brass Paws, Raku with Horizontal Brass Paws, Raku with Vertical Brass Paws, Slate with Horizontal Pewter Paws, Slate with Reverse Horizontal Pewter Paw, Slate with Vertical Pewter Paws


  • Petite
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large

Available through one of our online partners.

Size Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Pet Weight
Small 4 4 6 0-30 lbs
Medium 5.0 5.0 7 31-65 lbs
Large 5.5 5.5 8 66-110 lbs
X Large 6 6 10 11-170