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“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” – Jean Cocteau

Indeed the furry kitty you had in your life was a visible soul and you never missed a single moment with your favorite cat. After your favorite feline is gone, you miss the sweet sound and purrs. The best way to keep that memory alive is by creating a perfect cat urn to intern the ashes.

With most all breeds recognized by The American Cat Fanciers Association offered, our Cat Figurine Urns are a true to life representation of each particular breed. This series is more than a cat urn, it is a miniature statue memorializing the cat you loved. Each cat figurine urn is constructed with stunning detail and is offered with a Walnut, Maple or Oak bases well as a brass name plate that can have up to four lines of text.

Additional Information on Our Cat Figurine Urns

Best Friend Services offer a wide selection of figurine cat urns by breed and size as well as multiple poses for each. Whether you had a Black cat, Calico, Ragdoll, or Siamese cat, Best Friend Services has a figurine for nearly all of the cat breeds approved by the American Cat Fanciers Association, and all of our figurine urns come with solid wood bases (available in Walnut, Maple and Oak).

Add a nameplate to inscribe your cat’s name and a custom message, ensuring that you get a personalized experience and a great value with your purchase. With unparalleled quality and excellence, these cat urns are not only a Perfect Memorial, they add a decorative accent to any room’s decor.

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During your cat’s entire life, you cared for it and tried never to let it stray from your home. Clearly you have no intentions to let your precious kitty go away now. Our figurine cat urns are striking icons of the cat that spent its life with you, and will serve as a personalized memory of your cat that you can continue to have at your home.

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