Looking to create a vivid memory of your beloved pet?

The best way to pay your lasting tribute to your four legged family member is through a beautiful figurine urn. A figurine urn of your dog or cat can keep the memories alive and help to fill the vacuum created by the loss of your beloved pet. With over 500 different figurines, 3 quality hardwood urn bases, and a personalized brass nameplate, our figurine urns help you create a memorial as unique as your pet.

Additional Information on Our Figurine Urns

Best Friend Services carries a huge selection of figurine pet urns and offers the figurine for almost every breed recognized AKC or Cat Fancier’s Association. Each figurine pet urn is beautifully created with elegance and with utmost care. Although your beloved pet cannot be brought back to you, attention is paid to details to create a true replica of your lost pet. These true representation of your pet and are securely attached to one of our traditional pet urns at the base.

Figurine urns are intended for use inside your home and are elegantly crafted to add to the beauty of your home decor. Urn bases are crafted of Walnut, Maple or Oak. A brass name plate can have up to four lines of text with up to twenty five characters per line. So, keep your pet alive not only in your memories but in your home with lovely and realistic figurine urns.

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