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The Mind Fog with Grieving Pet Loss

When you’re dealing with something traumatic, mind fog can make living each day difficult. This is especially true if you are grieving the loss of a pet. Learn about mind fog and how to get past it.

About Mind Fog

Mind fog is when you can’t concentrate on anything. You stay out into space and not think about anything at all. When someone speaks to you, it’s hard to comprehend what he/she is saying. You sometimes have to ask the person to repeat whatever was said.

You walk around all day not really feeling anything or thinking anything. You are just going through the motions, and hope that gets you through.

You may feel tired, so you try to sleep it off. You wake up and don’t feel any better. You try to drink more coffee, but no, that doesn’t do it either.

Nothing you do clears your mind, so you start to feel depressed. You’re not sure how long this will last, and you’re not enjoying what it is doing to your life.

Do you feel this way?

It’s common to experience mind fog when you are dealing with something that has rocked your world. It’s your mind and body’s way of dealing with the difference in your life. It’s basically shutting down on you because the stress is too much to handle. You’re not completely off, though. Some wonder if that’s worse.

Since you know what is making you feel this way, it’s time to figure out how to overcome it.

How to Deal with Mind Fog after Pet Loss

Your mind and body is yearning for something. Until you give them what they need, it will be difficult – mind fog. It’s likely you need to mourn the passing of your beloved pet. You need to take time to pay attention to your sadness and pain. You need to give yourself time to vent the sadness inside of you.

If you’ve already done that more times than you care to count, it’s time to shift directions. You need to do something different in your life to try to get yourself out of yourself. This means you may want to head outside for fresh air. This can help your mind fog, so go ahead and take a few deep breathes. Spend time doing something outside you enjoy. The more time you spend outside, the better you will likely feel.

Spend time with people you like. It’s good to spend time with people you truly enjoy because they will help you shift your thoughts and feelings. This can sometimes be enough to clear the fog. Laughing can really kick your mind fog clearing into high gear. Go ahead and do that for yourself. You deserve it.

Get some sleep. If you haven’t been sleeping because of the grief you’ve been dealing with, make a point to get more sleep. You need sleep to help you recover from this situation. If you deny yourself, you’ll end up feeding the fog. If you just can’t sleep because of your depressing thoughts, you may want to try melatonin or speak to your doctor about sleep aides.

The mental fog will go away. Time, and the above tips can help you get rid of it as soon as possible.

The Pain of Pet Loss: Why It’s Good for You

The pain is unbearable. You so desperately want to see him or her running around you. It’s just not fair.

It happened, though. You lost your beloved pet. Ouch.

The pain seems worse than you would feel if someone stabbed you with a knife. You just want to give up.

While you may not feel or believe the pain is good for you, or think this title is awful, you will in time understand. The pain you’re feeling is showing you something very special. It’s revealing a part of you that you’be never seen before.

The pain you feel with pet loss hits your core. When something like this hits your core, it changes you forever. You will never be the same, but it’s not only because you have lost your beloved pet. It’s because that pet was part of your life.

Analyze Your Pain – What Does It Really Mean?

You wouldn’t feel so bad if you didn’t care about your furbaby. You wouldn’t feel so much pain if you didn’t have a compassionate heart. You aren’t only grieving for what you’ve lost, but for your furbaby because he or she will never be able to do what he or she loved to do.

This shows you that you’re a good person. You are someone who your dog or cat was so lucky to have in his or her life. This realization is why it’s good to feel the pain. It brings you back to your good nature, so you can move on and continue to be the good person you now know you are.

Take this pain, and use it for good. Don’t misjudge it and get angry. Don’t take that anger and use it to do harm because what has happened wasn’t the fairest thing that could have happened. Take this pain and realize you feel it because you are a genuine nice person who cared deeply for your beloved pet.

How to Use the Pain

Using the pain inside of you to feel better about yourself is a great place to start. When you understand why you feel pain, you can do more good in your life and in the life of others.

Volunteer – This is a great way to show yourself how good you are, and you’ll end up benefiting from the experience.

Lend a hand – Helping others with what they need can help you feel better. It keeps you busy and uses that pain in a good way.

Make something – Do something crafty or cook something yummy. This can be either for yourself or someone else. You have so many skills and interests, so use them.

Care for yourself – This is a sensitive time in your life. Be good to yourself. Treat yourself. Be the good person you are to yourself.

With time, you will see how much this pain has showed you. You will feel better, stronger, and be a better person.

We wish you peace, strength, and comfort during this difficult time.


Using Gratitude to Help You Grieve the Loss of Your Pet

The pain of losing a pet can be incredible. The misery is so great that you may not be able to see anything but sadness around you. Everything you do is meaningless when compared to the life you had with your best buddy by your side.

As much as you may not want to do it – there may be a way for you to feel better. This way is not easy. You will be going against what you want to do right now. However, if you can go against the grain, you could end up a stronger person.

The Miracle of Gratitude

Gratitude can help you. Thankfulness.

What do you have to be thankful or gracious about?

As bad as your life is right now. As bad as you feel. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for in your life.

It can be as simple as having a roof over your head, food on the table, and friends to talk to each day. You may be thankful for a vehicle that will help you go do something to get your mind off your loss. You may be gracious for your mental health to be able to cope with this tragic loss.

It can be hard to be positive after something so negative happens in your life. It’s how you can get through the negativity, though. The more you focus on the negative things in your life, the more miserable you’ll be. When you shift your focus to the positive, something inside of you will change. You’ll start to feel as though you are slowly getting yourself back.

This does not mean you should ignore the loss of your pet. You don’t want to enter into denial because that will harm you more than help you. What you are doing is dealing with the loss while you appreciate what you still have in life. See, when many people lose something in their life, they start to generalize it. They begin to feel as though they have lost many other things. They may even start to mourn loved ones who passed away years ago.

Bringing on more grief when you are already grieving will just make the process harder. Instead of snowballing your feelings, go ahead and try to unravel them to insert positive ones. This way you can continue to experience the sadness of losing your beloved pet, while you move forward with what you do have in your life.

Try this gratitude trick right now. Think of what you have, not what you’ve lost. It may not make you much happier now, but if you continue to do it, you may just start to feel the change inside of you. The more you do it, the better you’ll feel. Something you can say is, “Yes, I have lost my furbaby, but at least I still have….”

We wish you great strength during this difficult time.

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Why You Should Cry When Grieving the Loss of Your Pet

Many people will say they don’t want to cry. They believe crying makes them weak. They don’t want to do it because they want to be strong.

The problem is that crying doesn’t make people weak. Actually, not crying can make you weak. It can eat at your insides, and make it impossible to get through serious problems in your life.

Don’t believe us? Consider the following.

When you cry, your body goes through some serious emotions. You probably know this if you’ve ever been crying so hard it brings you to your knees or into a fetal position. While this may feel like agony at the time, when you’re done with crying – we’re talking about a good, long cry – you likely feel much better. You feel as though you’ve let it all out. You’ve released it all and you have nothing else left.


That’s exactly what you need to do, and that’s what crying is meant to do for your mind, body and soul.

Just think about all of those emotions bottled up inside of you. Just festering day after day. You may cry sometimes, but you never really let it all out. The emotions are just too much, and then they start to bubble over. That doesn’t release anything inside of you – all it does is let go of the emotions that can’t stay inside of you any longer.

When you bottle your emotions up, they will turn into other emotions. For example, some people who don’t deal with their feelings effectively become sad, angry, or overall miserable people. They view life as one bad thing happening after another. These people are never happy and they never get out of their funk. They remain in mourning forever.

We all know people like this, and no one ever wants to be around them or be one of them. Don’t allow yourself to become this way.

It’s time to change the direction you’re headed to as you grieve the loss of your pet. It’s time to let it all out.

You can do this alone or you can do it with a trusted loved one. How you do it and when you do it is up to you. You just need to do it.

How do you get started? Bring out the pictures you have of your beloved pet. Start reminiscing. Smell your pet’s bed if you still have it, or a favorite blanket. Bring yourself closer to your pet who is no longer by your side. Bring the pet you’ve lost back to reality instead of what you’ve done – push him or her to the back of your mind.

Now, let yourself cry. Cry as hard as possible for as long as you can. When you can’t cry anymore, you can go on with your day.

As you feel the urge to cry again, let it all out again. Do not put a lid on it. Just let it all out.

What if the urge comes when you’re not in a place where you can cry? Don’t worry – you can control yourself in not-so-great places to cry. Just be sure to revisit the thoughts you were having later. When you can cry, go ahead and let it out.

As you cry for as long as you can as many times as you can, you will start to find you’ll cry less and less over time. You will find yourself without the urge to cry when you see something that reminds you of your beloved pet. You won’t feel like crying when you see a puppy or kitty that looks like yours. You will be able to appreciate everything around you as it is – just a reminder of one of the best companions in your life.

Go on and cry now. Just let it all out. It may be painful at first, but this will help you become a stronger person. You just have to trust in the process. You just need to believe that there will be a day when you do not cry as hard for as long as you are now for your beloved pet.

When you grieve…we grieve with you. Our condolences for your loss.

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Faith During Pet Loss

When you lose a pet, it can be difficult to shake the agony. You may feel as though it’s not fair you have to do deal with this situation, especially if you’ve lost someone close to you recently. A part of you may question your faith, and that can make the situation even worse.

People go through many emotions when they experience a death of someone they love. One of the most concerning emotions is anger. People have different degrees of anger while they are grieving. Some people will be so upset they can’t contain themselves. They may yell at others, hurt themselves, or isolate themselves. This anger is what can test people’s faith.

If you’re dealing with pet loss right now and your faith is being affected by it, consider consciously turning it around. Faith can be incredibly helpful to you right now. It can pull you through the worst feelings you will feel. It’s the hope when you feel hopeless.

Praying – A Way to Breathe

Praying is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety. Research has shown this type of meditation can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and many other functions of the body that seem to increase during stress. When these functions slow down, so do your emotions. You can then handle them better.

Not only does the act of prayer help you, but what you say during it can too. If you’re like most people, you have a lot of thoughts running through your mind about losing your pet. It can be difficult to keep up with all of them. However, when you slow down and start praying, you will likely find that it’s much easier to untangle them. You may even be able to start making sense of them. This can help you come to conclusions that you weren’t able to before, which will get you through painful periods.

The Power of Faith

Faith can give you strength. Just knowing you are not in this alone can be incredibly powerful. You can feel as though you don’t have to move forward with this pain on your own. There’s someone holding you up as you trudge through all of the feelings you’re dealing with at this time. You may even find yourself doing things that you normally would have thought would make you too sad such as setting up a memorial for your pet.

It’s the faith that helps you see that even though your beloved pet has left your side, you have not lost him or her forever. Someday, you will be able to see him or her again. Just this possibility may be enough to help you feel as though you can make it through and come out of this situation in one piece.

Look inside yourself and find that faith that may have faltered. If you’re still feeling angry, allow yourself to soften a bit. It may just help you get through it all much easier.

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