This Dog is Veggie Hat Model

This cute pup patiently models one hundred and nine different fruits and veggies for the camera. I can’t decide which is more impressive: fido’s patience or the impressive variety of produce that happened to be on hand!

Mother Cat Adopts Orphaned Bunny, World Peace Ensues

When Bubbles’ mother died, she was just one week old and things were looking grim. Thankfully, Snaggle Puss was caring enough to adopt her into the litter!

Anchor vs Rooster: 5 Seconds to Glory

This Australian news anchor got more than he bargained for when he tries to make friends with an aggressive rooster. I’m not sure sure who to feel bad for, the rooster or the farmer?

Baby Squirrel With Broken Ankle Get’s Cutest Cast Ever

Baby squirrel
This baby squirrel was brought to City Wildlife in Washington, DC after she fell 75 feet from her nest on to the concrete sidewalk below. She suffered a bloody nose, a broken tooth, and a broken ankle. Luckily, just like children, this squirrel is young enough that her ankle should heal very quickly. Send her your well wishes on a speedy recovery!

APRIL 22nd Update:

She is doing very well! She has been moved to a slightly larger enclosure where she is housed with her brother and two other squirrels her age. They get along very well and we often see them playing together throughout the day. She is able to move around incredibly well, even with one leg bandaged. We will continue to update you on her progress as she continues to heal!

Pit Bull Puppy Survives 9 Days Trapped Under Rubble from Tornado

Jacob Montgomery’s apartment was destroyed when a tornado ripped through Washington, Ill., on Nov. 17. Montgomery, an MP in the Illinois National Guard, survived, but he was separated from his 6-month-old pit bull Dexter.

Pit Bull Puppy Survives Tornado

Montgomery looked through the wreckage several times, but couldn’t find the puppy; so he posted pictures of Dexter on social media in the hopes of finding him.

On Tuesday — nine days later — a miracle.

Montgomery got a Facebook message from a neighbor saying Dexter had been found under the rubble. The dog was malnourished and had a few cuts and scrapes. Otherwise, he was OK. “I am lucky. All I had in my apartment is gone, but my dog was all I really had to worry about,” Montgomery said, according to the Illinois National Guard.

Montgomery is staying with a friend near Peoria, Ill., until he and Dexter can find a new home.


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