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Let BFS help you commemorate a lifetime of memories with your best friend.

Our goal at Best Friend Services is to make the process of finding the perfect pet urn or memorial for your pets much easier and comforting. We know first-hand how pet urns and other pet memorials can help keep your pet close and the memories you shared alive. That is why we are committed to offering only the highest quality urns and pet loss memorials at the lowest possible prices – all with a no risk 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The reality is – pet urns are not something you shop for or research until you need them. Pet urns are personal in nature and typically not thought of until your beloved pet is no longer with you. Our pet memorials offer you an affordable and easy way to keep the memories of your pet close to home.

Keep the memories of your best friend alive with one of our pet urns, pet memorials or pet burial markers. With cat urns, dog urns, and pet memorials of all kinds, we are sure you will find the perfect way to remember the special relationship you shared with your pet.

How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Dog or Cat?

If you’re considering pet cremation services, it’s likely you’re asking, “How much does it cost to cremate a dog or cat?” The good news is that it’s not a lot of money. Most people can afford the cost. How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Dog? Dog cremation services often cost more than a cat because of the size and weight. Cremation for toy breeds are most similar to cat cremation costs since they […]

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How Does Cremation Work

Are you asking, “How does cremation work?” If so, it’s a good question. Being informed about the process will help you make a decision about this difficult topic. Cat and Dog Cremation When a pet dies, you will need to make an important decision. Pet cremation is one option available to you. What is pet cremation? Pet cremation is the process of turning your beloved pet’s body into ashes. After a pet dies, the veterinarian […]

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What Is Pet Cremation?

Are you wondering what is pet cremation? If so, the easiest way to imagine it is to think of a human cremation. A similar process is involved. Understanding What Is Pet Cremation – The Pet Crematorium A crematory can be used for pet cremation, but there are a pet crematorium is also available in most areas. Many people decide to use a pet crematory because they have a better sense of what it’s like for […]

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