how does cremation work

How Does Cremation Work

Are you asking, “How does cremation work?” If so, it’s a good question. Being informed about the process will help you make a decision about this difficult topic.

Cat and Dog Cremation

When a pet dies, you will need to make an important decision. Pet cremation is one option available to you. What is pet cremation?

Pet cremation is the process of turning your beloved pet’s body into ashes. After a pet dies, the veterinarian or you can call a pet crematorium. You can also call a regular crematory, but most pet owners desire one specifically for pets since they understand what pet owners need when losing a precious dog or cat.

The pet crematory can pick up the pet at the veterinary office or at your home. Alternatively, you can bring the pet’s body to the pet crematorium.

After completing the paperwork, your pet will be placed inside of a special freezer or refrigerator depending on how long it will be before the cremation will take place.

Many crematories for pets allow people to watch the cremation. If that is something you are interested in, ask about it. There may be an additional fee for it, but it’s worth it for those last moments with your pet.

How Does Cremation Work Exactly

When it’s time for the cremation, your pet will be taken out of the fridge or freezer, and then placed in the retort. The retort is like an oven, but it’s just for pet cremation. A good pet cremation place will lay your pet inside delicately and then gently push him or her to the back before closing the door. Once the door is locked, the crematory staff will turn the heat on to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat vaporizes the body, and what’s left are just the bones and any metal particles that were in the pet’s body. A magnet is used to pick up the metal because it will not pulverize, which is the next step in the cremation process.

The bones and other matter left from the vaporizing are placed back in the retort. This is when the bones will be pulverized to a course, sand like substance – the ashes. Once this is complete, the crematory staff will remove the ashes from the retort and place them in a bag or other container to be delivered to you.

How Does Cremation Work with Private vs. Communal?

You have options when it comes to cremation. You can have a private or communal pet cremation. The private pet cremation is when the only animal inside the retort is your pet. This means all of the ashes are just of your pet. You can also have a communal, which is when your pet is placed with other pets, so the ashes are mixed. There’s a third option – separation pet cremation. This is not offered everywhere, but some pet crematoriums have retorts with sections. A pet is placed in each section and the ashes are separated. Even though the ashes are separated, they can be mixed with the other pets since the sections aren’t tight. It’s just not as mixed as the communal pet cremation.

Pet Urns for After Cremation

Now you know how cremation works. After you have it done, you will need something to put the ashes into, and pet urns are perfect. Cat and dog pet urns can be great ways to keep the memory alive of your pet. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor memorials.

Browse our selection of pet urns now for a large assortment of high quality, affordable ones you can customize.

Customizing an Urn for Your Beloved Pet

What if you could have your pet by your side forever? All you need is a crematory and pet urn. Since your beloved pet meant so much to you, customizing the urn may be good for you to do during this time of mourning. At Best Friend Services, we offer many ways for you to personalize an urn.

ceramic pet urnSelect an Urn

There are many urns available to choose from on our site. You have high-quality wooden urns, ceramic ones, and even marble. Many people choose the wooden ones because they are simple and perfect for the indoors. Others choose ceramic and marble for an outdoor memorial garden.

To decide which one is best for you, consider where you want to place it and the style you prefer. This will make it much easier to choose one.

Choose a Color, Design or Finish

Urns can come in a variety of colors, designs and finishes. Browse the selection available. Some people try to match their décor. Others choose the one they find to be most beautiful. It’s all in what you like best.

Add a Nameplate

Personalizing an urn couldn’t be easier when you get to put a nameplate on it with your beloved pet’s name. You can choose from a variety of nameplates to place on your urn. This is available for wooden urns.

pet figurine urnsSelect a Figurine

We have many figurines available that come secured to our wooden urns. You can choose the figurine that looks most like your beloved pet, no matter if it was a cat or dog. These figurines are handcrafted with detailed markings. Perfect for indoor memorials. The one you choose to represent your pet will bring back many fond memories.

Personalize a Pet Urn Now

One of the best ways to deal with the death of your pet is to commemorate his or her life. You can do that by personalizing a pet urn. Browse our selection of pet urns today to put together one. You will love how unique it is for your pet – just like the love between the two of you.

pet loss

Experts in Pet Loss

When you shop online, you may come across many sites selling pet urns. These sites often have one mission – make money off the loss of your pet. Most of them do not have the experience or empathy of losing a pet. They simply want your money. 

Best Friend Services – Our Mission

Our mission is different. We know what it’s like to experience pet loss. My wife and I have lost pets before, and when we did, we were devastated. We wanted to do anything possible to have our pets back in our life. 

This is what propelled us into looking for pet urns. We knew cremation was what we wanted to do, but we didn’t want to spread all of the ashes. We wanted to keep a part of our pets with us. 

As we searched for pet urns, we found that they were expensive! Unbelievably expensive! We couldn’t imagine them being so much money, so we started doing some research and found out why. Crematories and many sites only deal with drop shippers and other middlemen to acquire their urns. Since they have to pay those suppliers, they increase the price. Essentially, you end up paying for the handling and supplying of the urns to the seller. That doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?

After purchasing our pet urns, we knew we had to do something about the situation. That’s when we realized we could sell pet urns for much less, as long as we had a supply of them ourselves. So, that’s what we did. 

When you purchase pet urns from us, you receive the best price possible online for the quality we provide. Yes, that means you may find lower prices elsewhere, but in this industry, you get what you pay for. 

We know what you’re going through right now. We know you are devastated. We have been there. 

We are here to help you. This is why we have so many blog posts dedicated to helping you with your grief. Our mission isn’t only to make money – we want to help you through this painful time in your life. 

Please browse our selection of pet urns, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions. 

st francis

Learn About Saint Francis – The Keeper of Pets

St. FrancisSaint Francis is the Catholic Saint known for his compassion towards the poor, sick, and animals. People turn to St. Francis to help them when they are struggling, especially during the loss of a pet.

About St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis was named after France when his father returned home after a trip to find his wife had given birth to a son. His family was wealthy, and he wanted his son to grow up a man of business, rather than a religious one.
As he grew up, he himself said, “I lived in sin during that time.” When Assisi declared war on the neighboring town Perugia, he joined the army.

Most of the troops died during the battle and those that didn’t ended up chained in a dark dungeon. After a year as a prisoner, he was released. His experience didn’t change him, though. He went right back to living the sinful life he had before the battle.

One night God came to him and said he was living his life in the wrong way and that he needed to return home. This was shortly after he left to join another battle, and when his father saw him knowing full well he couldn’t have won yet, he became very upset. He was also called a coward and was laughed at by everyone in the town.

Over the next 25 years, Francis began to pray more. He cried for his sins to God many times. Sometimes, he could feel God’s presence helping him. One day, when he was visiting a church in San Damiano, the crucifex spoke to him, “Francis, repair my church.”

Francis went to his father and stole the money to repair the church. His father caught him, dragged him to the bishop, and demanded that he not only return the money, but give up all rights to his heir. Unfortunately, Francis misunderstood God’s request. God wanted him to repair his church, as in repair the current state of the faith people had in him.

When Francis understood, he started to preach to others, and ended up with a following. He became the founder of the Franciscan Order. Through this order, he took care of the poor and sick. It was only two years after his death that he was canonized as a saint.

St. Francis is the patron of animals because people believed that he had a special connection to them. They thought he understood them better than anyone else. He would speak to them and care for them with tenderness.
This is why people turn to St. Francis today for condolence after their pet dies.

St. Francis Pet Urn

It’s comforting to know there is a saint that takes care of animals. At Best Friend Services, we offer a pet urn that is the statue of St. Francis. You can place your beloved pet’s ashes inside of it. It’s almost as if you’re giving your pet to St. Francis, while being able to keep him beside you.
Learn more about the St. Francis pet urn here.

stone pet urn

Pet Urn for a Spring Memorial Garden

Spring is approaching. Now is the time to start thinking about how you would like to commemorate your beloved pet. One of the ways we like to do it is with a memorial garden.

A memorial garden can be as small or as large as you would like. Some people will simply choose a small spot in their background to plant flowers and place a headstone for their beloved pet. You can use one of our pet urn stones, if you decided to create your pet. Or, you can just use the pet urn without the ashes inside and have the front engraved with your pet’s name.

memorial gardenSince your memorial garden will end up staying where you decide to put it for a long time, you will need a stone that will withstand the weather. Our stone pet urns are perfect for this because they are made of quality stone material and they can make it through rain, sun, snow, and wind.

If the ashes are inside of the urn, they will be protected with the tamper-resistant cover. With it secured by screws, all you have to do is unscrew those screws, remove the cover, place the ashes inside, and then replace the screws. This is what seals the ashes inside protecting them from the elements.

How to Personalize the Stone Pet Urns

Personalizing the stone pet urns is easy. You can have a gold plate engraved with your beloved pet’s name. You can add a date to it if you would like or something else that falls within the character limit.

You have four sizes to choose from:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

If you are placing your pet’s ashes inside of the stone pet urn, be sure to choose the one that will fit the ashes. You can ask the crematory or us. It has to do with the weight of your pet when he or she was healthy.

We have two colors:

  • Limestone
  • Black

Other Varieties Available for a Memorial Garden

If you prefer a different look for your urn, browse our pet urns page. Any of the stone urns will be perfect for your outdoor memorial garden.

The reason we bring this up now is that the spring is when most people head out to garden centers looking for new plants for their garden. As you do this, you may want to get some for a memorial in your yard. Along with that garden, you can place one of our affordable, high quality stone pet urns there as a special remembrance of your beloved pet.

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