Patricia Series


The Patricia Series wooden urn is beautiful and elegant. It features:

  • Cherry, walnut or oak wood finish
  • A engraved brass plate
  • Picture frame

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Your beloved pet deserves the best. The Patricia Series wooden urns offer that for you and your pet.

You will love the sleek, high quality design. All finishes are on solid wood to promote durability and beauty.

The solid red oak wooden pet urn has a light oak finish. The solid cherry wooden pet urn has a medium cherry finish. You can also choose the black walnut finish, which looks nice in just about any room.

Each of the pet urns come with a Carpathian elm burl. This is what makes them so elegant, perfect for a shelf, mantel, or table.

Choose the best photo of your beloved pet to place in the picture frame located on the front of the urn. The engraved brass plate will be placed right underneath the photo.

To place your pet’s remains inside of the urn, simply open the enclosure located at the bottom. The entryway is secured, so you never have to worry about the ashes following out. We still advise our customers to keep the ashes in a bag and place that inside of the urn.

This urn can accommodate a pet up to 88 pounds. It’s dimensions are 6.75”W x 4.75”D x 8”H.

Add this wooden pet urn to your cart now. You will surely love it when made part of your pet’s memorial.


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