Radiance Series

Radiance Series


This exquisite pet urn is made of metal with remarkable designs making it perfect for a stylish final resting place for your beloved pet.

  • It comes in three sizes to accommodate pets up to 115 pounds.
  • It has a screw top to keep remains securely inside.
  • Optional base and engraved plate available upon request.



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Product Description

The beauty of this pet urn cannot be seen in the image above. You must see it in person to see the exquisite details of this perfect container for your beloved pet’s ashes.

You can place this urn as a centerpiece on a table. You can also put it on a sturdy shelf or mantel. Please just keep it in a dry place since it is made out of metal and can rust. It is only for indoor use.

You can wipe this urn clean to keep the dust from collecting on it. Never use a wet cloth, as the moisture can discolor and rust the urn.

To place ashes inside, unscrew the top lid. You can then place the remains inside. We recommend having the ashes secured in a little bag inside of pouring them into the urn. You can then screw the top back on tightly to keep them securely inside.

This metal pet urn comes in three sizes:

  • Small: 5.3″h x 4.1″w for pets up to 45 pounds
  • Medium: 6.8″h x 4.8″w for pets up to 85 pounds
  • Large: 8.6″h x 5.9″w for pets up to 115 pounds

We do have a base available. We also can have a plate engraved to have it placed on this urn. Please contact us for more information about these options.

Add this beautiful pet urn to your cart now. It’s perfect for preserving your beloved pet’s memories for a lifetime.


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Weight 4 lbs


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