Going Home

Going Home


When you’re looking for a pet urn that doubles as a beautiful centerpiece or piece of décor, this is it.

  • It features detailed hand engraved designs.
  • The lip screws on and off tightly to keep your pet’s remains safe.
  • Symbolic doves on the urn to signify the passing of your pet (returning home).



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Product Description

When you see this pet urn, you won’t believe it’s for your pet’s remains. The engraving on this urn is so detailed and intricate that you’ll feel as though you just added a lovely décor piece to your home. The bonus is you get to keep your beloved pet’s ashes inside of it. What a perfect resting place for your pet!

Simply unscrew the lips on this urn. You can then place a bag of the ashes into the urn. Screw the top back on tightly to ensure they remain inside of it.

To clean this metal urn, simply use a dry, soft cloth. No water should be used with this urn because it can rust if you do use it. It is not for the outdoors.

This pet urn comes in three sizes:

Small – 5.3″H x 4.25″W, for pets up to 40 pounds
Medium – 6.8″H x 4.8″W for pets up to 80 pounds
Large – 8.5″H x 5.6″W for pets up to 120 pounds

Choose the size that will accommodate your pet’s remains the best. If your pet’s weight was close to the next size up, it’s better to get a bigger one than one that is too small.

Please contact us with any questions. Otherwise, add this metal Going Home pet urn to your cart.

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Weight 4 lbs


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