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10 Pet Costumes We Love

Halloween is always a fun time for children, but it doesn’t mean your furry kids can’t have fun too. As you’ve probably already noticed in stores, there are many pet costumes available. There’s everything from vampires to hot dogs available for you to choose from. For the creative bunch out there, they have made their own costumes, and we simply love them. The following are some of the costumes that we’ve found online that make us smile.

CrocoBeaglepet costumes

We love this one because it’s simply a stuffed crocodile toy attached to the back of this beagle. We’re surprised the Beagle is tolerating it. It seems as though he is just playing along until it’s over.


pet costumesPirate Team Costume

How creatively cute is this one? How they made it is beyond us, but it’s too good not to post here. The pirate is helping his assistant with the treasure chest. Perfect!



pet costumesChihuahua Leia

Simple and funny! The look of this Chihuahua is awesome. She knows she’s a princess.



pet costumesOrange Juice Doggie

How many of you have thought about putting an orange juice container on your dog? It’s definitely creative.



pet costumesFast Food Hounds

You have to love fast food when you see these pups. They are even holding drinks, donuts, and trick or treat bags. Love it!



pet costumesTarget Dog

Look it’s the famous Target Dog. Well, maybe not, but you can be anything you want for Halloween.




pet costumesMartini Dog

You have to laugh when you see this – anyone want a drink?



pet costumesMario Cat

Who said you can’t put a costume on your cat? This one is ready for some Mario Cart.



pet costumesBurger Kitty

In this picture, he looks like he’s saying, “Please don’t eat me.”


pet costumesSushi Pug

Dressing up with your pooch is fun and makes the best costume pair. There’s nothing like some sushi and soy sauce – a perfect pair.

Halloween Safety for Pets

Halloween is a stressful time for dogs and cats. They have no idea why there are so many people walking in the streets and why the doorbell keeps ringing. Help your dogs and cats deal with all of the commotion by giving extra cuddles. If possible, keep your pets in an area where they won’t be bothered by the door bell ringing. Some pets do take medication to calm them during this time of year. Ask your vet about this possibility.

What Will Your Pet Be for Halloween?

Do you have any creative pet costumes to share? We would love to see them! Please go to our Facebook page and post your pet’s picture in the comments on our Halloween post.

You can also tell us about your pet’s costume in the comment below. The more ideas we put out there, the more people we will help find the perfect costume for their furry friend.



national cat day

National Cat Day is October 29th

Do know that October 29th is National Cat Day? At Best Friends Services, we wanted to take a moment and honor all of the cats in the world.

Cats are different. They hold their own. They have unique personalities that you can usually get from other pets such as dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.

What’s great about cats is that they know they are awesome. They know that they deserve the best from their owners, and they aren’t afraid to make that happen.

If you’ve ever been awoken to give your kitty some water or food, you know the demands they place on their owners. You also know that there’s no greater feeling than having your kitty weave in and out between your legs purring.

Many dog owners will argue that their pets are more beneficial to humans. They lower blood pressure, stress levels and heart rate. But guess what? Cats do too! Cats have a lot of benefits:

  • They have less carbon footprint than dogs because they don’t eat as much.
  • Studies show that they can be a huge coping tool for people who are distressed or are in pain.
  • They can make you nicer! Yes, a British poll showed that men who owned cats were much nicer than those who did not.
  • Another study showed that cat owners were 30 percent less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke.
  • A 2003 Swiss study finds that cats are just as good for companionship as dogs because they produce the same emotions in people.

As you can see, cats are great! They simply don’t get as much recognition as dogs though, which is sad.

That’s why we’re helping you celebrate National Cat Day!

You can visit the official National Cat Day website at You can read all about this holiday and what it truly means.

If you have a cat, go ahead and give him or her a treat or two! If you don’t because he or she has passed away, take time to remember all of the good times you had. This is the day to bring out pictures and smile over all of the cat antics your fluffy friend used to do.

Come by our Facebook page on the 29th because we are honoring cats. We love them and we know you do too. You can post pictures of your cats and let us know why you love them so much.

To end our blog post, here are some our favorite cat pictures for you to admire.

national cat day

Peak a Boo!

national cat day

It’s all about relaxation. Humans don’t get it sometimes.

national pet day

Hygiene is always important. You must look your best to be your best.

national cat day

When the food bowl is empty, decorations are a good snack.

national cat day

Yes, I’m mad. Can’t you tell?

Happy National Cat Day!

Mother Cat Adopts Orphaned Bunny, World Peace Ensues

When Bubbles’ mother died, she was just one week old and things were looking grim. Thankfully, Snaggle Puss was caring enough to adopt her into the litter!

baby lion cub

Lion Cubs’ First Introduction

Last week, keepers started introductions between Shera and Naba’s cubs! Keepers watch these interactions closely in the event that the cubs need to be separated. Fortunately, everyone has been getting along fine.

As part of the Zoo’s animal management plan for big cats, African lions are weighed routinely—at least once every two days. At this age, the cubs are expected to gain between 150-300 grams every 48 hours. On Monday, Shera’s cubs had all gained weight. During the Wednesday weigh-in, however, one of the male cubs had not gained any weight. Keepers performed an impromptu body-check on the cub and discovered that his right-front leg was a bit lame. Because interactions between the lions have all gone smoothly, keepers did not suspect that the play dates played a role in the cub’s lameness. The lack of weight gain prompted keepers to call Zoo veterinarians for a consultation.

Vets examined the cub, who had no external wounds. Radiographs of the cub’s leg showed no broken bones or muscle injuries. The lameness appears to be due to a swollen elbow joint. Vets obtained a blood sample, and initial reports found a high white blood cell count and a low red blood cell count. Vets administered antibiotics and iron supplements and the cub will continue on antibiotics for several days. The cub is not quite out of the woods yet, but thanks to the early action and assessments by animal care staff, he has the best chance possible. Keepers and vets will continue to monitor him closely.

For now, his attitude is “good and spunky” according to staff. He’s rejoined his family. You can see him and his siblings on the Cub cam.

“Jerk” Cats Stealing Dog Beds

Cats love cozying up in small spaces. Cats can also be furry little jerks. So, it’s safe to assume that when a cat decides to sleep in the (much larger) bed of a dog sibling, it’s done purely to screw with the dog.

Source: Huff Post Comedy

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