This Dog is Veggie Hat Model

This cute pup patiently models one hundred and nine different fruits and veggies for the camera. I can’t decide which is more impressive: fido’s patience or the impressive variety of produce that happened to be on hand!

5 Animals That Love Their Trampoline

There’s nothing like bouncing on a trampoline to make you feel refreshed and happy… EXCEPT watching friends from around the animal kingdom give it a try!

Wild foxes, frenzied billy goats, lolloping dogs, and even doge himself make for some wild antics, but Mudd the four year old bulldog steals the show!







Mother Cat Adopts Orphaned Bunny, World Peace Ensues

When Bubbles’ mother died, she was just one week old and things were looking grim. Thankfully, Snaggle Puss was caring enough to adopt her into the litter!

Anchor vs Rooster: 5 Seconds to Glory

This Australian news anchor got more than he bargained for when he tries to make friends with an aggressive rooster. I’m not sure sure who to feel bad for, the rooster or the farmer?

Dog give dad amazing welcome home

Dog welcomes daddy home after being deployed for 8 months.

Watch this dog greet his owner after 8 months of being separated in this amazingly heartwarming video. Now that is what I call unconditional love! (Bonus laugh if you watch all the way to the end!)

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